• Tom, Death & Harry:Meet Death

What if the grim reaper was just a little more personable than you expected?
From Brian Hogan's Tom, Death & Harry

  • Mysteries at The Museum: Ossip Bernstein's Predicament

famous Russian Chess Master makes a bid to save his life.
From ID Discovery's Mysteries At The Museum

  • Ready Made

Peter, not the world’s most independent guy, has a problem only a classified ad can solve.
From Brad Michael Negrotto's Ready-Made

  • Sleeping Forest: Camping Conundrum

After a disturbing news report, Lauren isn't so keen on letting her boyfriend, Irving, leave for his annual boys' weekend in the woods.
From Anthony Paulino's Sleeping Forest

  • The Lizard People of Wonton

Lizard people!
From Brad Negrotto and Julian Tizian's The Lizard People of Wonton

  • Look Down: Riley & Adam

Adam makes his girlfriend a fortuitous promise.
From Joe Stahely's Look Down

  • Sleeping Forest: Not-so-stone-cold Killers

    An ill-advised prank ends a friendship. From Anthony Paulino's Sleeping Forest


  • The Last To Die In Battle

The Last To Die In Battle by Aaron David Gleason. Performance & Fight Coordination by Justy

  • Fool For You

    Fool For You by Big Z
    Featured Dancer: Justy

  • Twelfth Night

    Fight choreography & performance by Justy


  • Hamlet Lives

    Music & lyrics by Justy Kosek
    Performed by Justy Kosek (Vocals, guitar) & Kenny Kosek (fiddle)
    Lyrics here

  • Banquo's Ghost

    Music & lyrics by Justy Kosek
    Performed by Justy Kosek
    Lyrics here

  • Agony

Justy Kosek & Joe O'Malley as the Princes in Sondheim's Into The Woods.
Footage courtesy of Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

  • Principality

    Music & lyrics by Justy Kosek.
    Performed by Justy Kosek.


  • Genysis

    What if hunger, poverty and war could be ended by an AI and a 3D printer? What if that AI became Self-aware? Genysis, by Brett Moody

  • For A friend

    The last conversation Peter and his childhood friend, Doug, will ever have.
    From Stephen Corr's For A Friend

  • Super Sad True Love Story

    The opening of Gary Shteyngart's "Super Sad True Love Story" narrated by Justy Kosek.